Nebraskans Turn Out Strong for Elk Creek Project Town Hall Meeting

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recording of the webcast of NioCorp's
presentation to the Town Hall Meeting
and the Q/A session that followed.

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Download a print version of the presentation
materials that were used during the
Elk Creek Town Hall Meeting.

Nearly 500 Nebraskans and residents of surrounding states turned out for NioCorp's Elk Creek Project Town Hall Meeting on Friday, September 8, 2017, in Syracuse, Neb.

In attendance were a number of local and state government officials from Nebraska, as well as many who are also investors in the Project.  

As noted by Heiko Ihle, a financial analyst from H.C. Wainwright who flew in from New York City to attend the event:  

"The community appears to support the project. The overall tone of the Q&A was overwhelmingly positive. There were also no protesters or other disruptive forces at the event, which was a stark contrast to other community meetings we have attended in the past with people either rushing the stage or standing by the entrance with protest signs.  The project should have positive community affect."

The 4-hour event featured a presentation by NioCorp executives on the Company's recently released Elk Creek Project Feasibility Study.  Attendees then asked questions for nearly two hours.

The Town Hall Meeting also was webcast live to a global audience.  A recording of the webcast was made (see links at right).

NIoCorp extends its warm thanks to all who attended the event, as well as the many local volunteers who made this event so successful!

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