Certain U.S. Federal Income Tax Considerations

The Company has been a “passive foreign investment company” (“PFIC”) as defined under Section 1297 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, in recent years and expects to continue to be a PFIC in the future. Current and prospective United States shareholders should consult their tax advisors as to the tax consequences of PFIC classification and the U.S. federal tax treatment of PFICs. Additional information on this matter is included in the Company’s registration statement on Form S-1 (333-213451) filed on September 2, 2016, as amended September 22, 2016, under the heading “Certain United States Federal Income Tax Considerations.”

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Niobium production is a multi-billion dollar a year market that is essential to the automotive, pipeline and construction industries.

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Scandium is a critical component in advanced fuel cell technologies and has numerous applications in the aerospace and transportation sectors.

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